Using Coconut Sugar

Cooking with coconut sugar is like using white or brown sugar. Use it in all kinds of sauces, baked goods, hot and cold beverages, basically in anything you wish to sweeten. Here are some tried-and-true delicious recipes with tips from each contributor. Get creative, too, and submit your own scrumptious recipes to share!

Our Thanksgiving Favorites!

    Crustless Coconut Pumpkin Pie
    A delicious twist on an old favorite.
    Coconut Sweet Potatoes
    Sweet potatoes are mashed with coconut sugar, butter, coconut milk and warm spices, and then baked with a topping of coconut and marshmallows for a delicious side dish.
    Cranberry Sauce with Clementines and Cinnamon
    This classic cranberry sauce gets a little kick from honey-sweet clementines and a hint of cinnamon. If you have leftovers, mix with your morning yogurt or spread on bread for a killer turkey sandwich.

Gluten-Free Recipes with Coconut Flour

Coconut Sugar Recipes

    Apple Crisp with Coconut Sugar
    Butterscotch Pudding
    Carrot Cake
    Barbecue Sauce
    From Chef Janice Wise

    Janice Wise is a lifelong food enthusiast. She graduated from Johnson and Wales University with her Associates degree in Culinary Arts. Janice worked for Marriott and Wholefoods in their pastry departments before striking out on her own. Janice owned and operated Running Turtle Bakery in Newbury Park for one short year before deciding that being the private chef for her husband and three sons was a far more rewarding career choice.

    Fresh Apple Cake
    From Michelle Frensdorff, Sarajean Cameranesi
    A to-die-for moist cake! My family's favorite.
    Bran Muffins
    From David O'Connor
    These raisin-studded muffins include all-bran and a small amount of canola oil, and no other shortening. A touch of cinnamon spices them up. A couple of these muffins are great for a morning meal and are very easy to take on the go as well.
    Low-Fat Banana Nut Muffins
    From Bobbi Rudin
    Banana Bread
    From Sarajean Cameranesi
    We love this moist and lowfat version of the classic banana bread
    Fresh Lemonade
    From Sarajean Cameranesi
    Try this refreshing summer-time favorite. You will be asking for seconds.
    Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
    From Sarajean Cameranesi
    Our Favorite Spice Cake
    From David O'Connor
    This is our favorite spice cake recipe. It's big on flavor with balanced sweetness.
    Homemade "Granolo": The Next Generation of Granola!
    From CDKitchen/Daniel Keit
    We call it Granolo because it's made from cOcOnut sugar instead of cAne sugar.
    Apple Pie Magic!
    This recipe was sent in by Nancy. It comes from a children's cookbook. Nancy and her mom used to make this when she was a kid (only the sugar has been changed). It is so simple and yet when she makes it, the common praise she hears is, "This is the best apple (pear) cobbler I've ever had!"
    Apple French Toast

Chocolate February

    Buttermilk Chocolate Cake
    A friend, Carol Hook, was featured in Cooking Light magazine (April 1999 issue) with this chocolate cake recipe that her family and friends have loved for years. We now use coconut sugar to make it even better!
    Dark Chocolate Sauce
    A delicious, rich dark chocolate sauce that is great for dipping strawberries (and your fingers!). Or add more milk to create a fudge sauce to drizzle over ice cream, pancakes-you name it.
Bran Muffin

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